Automatic Greasing Systems

GV Hydraulink has a comprehensive line of self-contained automatic greasing solutions for every application . Whether it’s grease or oil; farm or underwater; single-point or multi-point; food-safe or deep in a mine; we have a lubrication for you . Our sales experts will help you choose which lubrication is best for your needs.

To succeed in a competitive marketplace, machinery is pushed to its maximum productivity level. This trend in output production makes protecting your machinery absolutely vital. An Automated Greasing System will quickly return your investment – increasing productivity and increasing profits.

Equipment failures due to inadequate lubrication of bearings and other moving parts result in costly repairs. Even more importantly, they shut down production. That’s why profit-minded companies are quick to realise that an Automatic Greasing System designed by GV Hydraulink, automatically lubricates all friction points on a machine – at regular intervals – while it’s running – is a wise investment.

BroLube system allows:

• Reduced grease consumption
• Reduced component wear
• Improved safety
• Greater return on investment

• Flexibility in management
• Standard EP2 chassis grease
• Increased up-tim
• Suits all Agriculture machinery

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